Excitement around "Opus 52" Colin's 52 week experiment where he writes a piece of music every week and releases it at the end of it. The challenge? He makes the meter of the piece match the week he's in. 
The Music is all free right here, Opus 52

"World Maestro" Colin O'Donohoe is best known for his work first with New Moon Orchestra, and then with the incredible Pangean Orchestra. He is an in demand TV composer, conductor, and musician residing in New York City.

A true drumming virtuoso, Colin has performed with great musicians all over the USA on drum set and hand percussion. 

He has chosen to tackle a new project in 2015 called "Opus 52" click here for more detail. 

World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe now has a youtube channel where he invites you into the studio during his composing process, has guest artists, and also breaks down songs and forms. It is a great channel and getting better all the time!


SO PROUD of my new single. Hear it at the bottom of this page, buy it at iTunes or anywhere you prefer. Thanks for your support!

touching documentary on Colin's visionary new ensemble!

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